Empress EPET16 16oz PET Plastic Cup, Clear

Empress EPET16

Made of PET plastic, the Empress EPET16 disposable cup is durable for heavy use and clear for complete visibility. This material resists absorbing odors or flavors, so it doesn’t alter the taste or aroma of served drinks. Because this cup has a 16-ounce capacity, it can be used for large smoothies and milkshakes. It can be used with a flat or dome lid, both of which are sold separately.

Product Details

    • 16-oz. capacity
    • Durable PET construction doesn’t jeopardize the flavor and aroma of drink
    • Crack, freeze, and heat resistant
    • Clear material
    • Can be used with dome lid or flat lid (sold separately)
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Empress PET cups are made from an extremely clear, durable and tough material. PET is an odor and flavor resistant thermoplastic resin, meaning they can maintain the original flavor and aroma of food and beverages placed in them. PET cups are freeze, heat and crack resistant, which helps make them one of the most popular plastic materials in the market. These 16-oz. cups can be paired with flat, straw slotted and dome lids that are sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 33.44 lbs
Dimensions 19.88 × 15.83 × 17.52 in