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Here at Baron Chemical, we are well-versed and experienced in the art of cleaning. We are known for providing highly-reviewed wholesale cleaning products at affordable costs. As a local business, Baron Chemical understands the needs of the local businesses that make up the Southwest region. That’s why we carry an abundance of cost-effective, affordable, and high-quality cleaning solutions. Choose our store to help you meet your cleaning needs.

Cleaning Chemicals from a Reliable Industrial Chemical Wholesaler

The cleaning chemicals we stock at Baron Chemical deliver a superior clean for all industrial, manufacturing, and commercial facilities. With our industrial chemical supply, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear that gradually deteriorates your office, warehouse, or workspace. Baron Chemical is composed of local professionals that are always on call when grime, odor, and messy challenges go beyond regular janitorial cleaning. Whether you need cleaning supplies to diminish an odor problem or if your facility needs a deep clean, you can count on Baron Chemical to supply you with high-performing solutions to make your workplace look its very best. 

Industrial and Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals Available

We offer quality products that can keep your work facility clean and safe for your workers. Our cleaning chemicals are made to take on a range of clean-ups and difficult messes. 

Our industrial chemicals include the following:

We Carry Brands Not Carried in Other Stores

As a wholesale cleaning chemical supplier, we are able to focus on offering specialized products that help our customers save money without sacrificing quality. Due to our well-stocked inventory, customers are able to find cleaning solutions that are targeted to their particular needs. You can also reach out to our professionals if you need help finding a specific brands or solution. Above all, our customers can depend on us as we are El Paso’s most trusted provider for the cleaning industry and various other businesses.

Benefits of Generic Brands vs. Name Brands | The Same Quality At A Lower Price!

We’re well aware of the fact that receiving the best quality service is key for most of our customers. All too often, name brands and high prices seem to translate to “high quality” while industrial, generic-branded products seem lower quality. This, however, isn’t always the case. Our vast inventory includes some of the most well-known sanitary maintenance products and some industrial chemicals that most of our customers might not be familiar with. We encourage our customers to instill their trust in the expertise of our professionals to help them choose cleaning solutions that will work best for their tasks. Oftentimes, generic brands may work just as well as name-brands, all at a lower cost! We offer a wide range of generic brands and name-brands to keep our customers’ options open. 

Custom Solutions

Baron provides products for the different needs of every business and homeowner. Our products provide customized solutions to every customer’s needs.

Contact us today at (915) 533-1661 or to learn more about our solutions to help your home or business.