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Commercial and Industrial Degreasers


If you work in an industry where grease and grime prevail, you will eventually find the need to implement degreasers into your cleaning duties. Baron Chemical offers degreasers and hard-duty chemicals for critical cleaning. 

Some brands we carry for degreasing include:

Having too much oil and grease in your workplace can become overbearing, unappealing, and potentially hazardous. Baron Chemical is here to help business owners and homeowners tackle dirt, grease, grime, and stains with our high-grade degreasing chemicals. The degreasers we carry remove machining oils, dyes, mold release agents, lubricants, grease, and other surface contaminants that may be a gateway for germs, infections, or viruses to spread. 

Industrial Strength Kitchen Degreasers at Low Costs

Kitchens are more prone to build grease and residue as opposed to other rooms or areas within your facility or home. By putting our degreasers to use, you can expect to experience clean, bright, and residue-free equipment. If you want to learn more about the degreasing chemicals we carry, you can contact us or stop by our store.

Our Generic Brands are As Good as Brand-Name Degreasers!

Generic degreasers are optimal when it comes to attacking tough oils, tar, wax, resin, paste and inks, and soils. Additionally, these generic brands can be used for a number of reasons, whether you need to conduct cleaning inside or out of your facility’s kitchen. The generic cleansers we carry at Baron Chemical have provided customers with standard cleaning performance one would expect from name-brand products. By looking into our selection of generic degreasers, you can save on expenses and treat your facility to a thorough cleansing. Generic or name-brand, Baron Chemical has everything you need!

Degreasers for Homes, Restaurants, Commercial Spaces, and Beyond

The degreasers offered at Baron Chemical are not limited to industrial spaces or kitchens. Our degreasing products are intended to help keep floors, carpets, tools, engines, grease filters, and various other items and areas free from grease films and residue! Baron Chemical advocates for the comfort of our customers within their homes and workspaces. Our degreasing solutions and other cleaning products are highly recommended to be used regularly. Whatever your cleaning intentions may be, we can guarantee that our products can tailor to your needs!

Delivery Available ($150 Minimum)

If you need degreasing chemicals and equipment at your doorstep within hours, Baron Chemical can provide. Our staff is open to delivering to commercial customers by purchasing a minimum of $150 in cleaning products and tools. You can contact us and place an immediate order with specific degreasing material and we will have them packed and shipped straight to your designated facility. Allow us to ease your cleaning obligations with our quick and efficient delivery services!

Custom Solutions

Baron provides products for the different needs of every business and homeowner. Our products provide customized solutions to every customer’s needs.

Contact us today at (915) 533-1661 or to learn more about our solutions to help your home or business.