Flo-Kem Flo-Quat Disinfectant Sanitizer – Gal

Flo-Kem Flo-Quat Disinfectant Sanitizer – Gal

An EPA registered sanitizer effective against Covid-19 (10 minute contact time) and a wide array of bacteria and viruses. Widely used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and bars for sanitizing everything from surgical instruments and dishware to children’s toys. For many applications, this product can be used at 1 oz. per 4 gallons of water. Effective against Norovirus, Influenza A, HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Canine Distemper. Contains a mild fragrance.

  • Quaternary disinfectant sanitizer for use in hospitals, dairies, food processors, restaurants, bar rinse, bar tools, surgical instruments and dental equipment.
  • Clear straw colored liquid, mild scent
  • Dilute 1 oz per 4 gallons

11630-Flo-Quat- Tech Sheet

630_Flo-Quat_ SDS

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