Dart 205HT1 White Foam Take Out Container with Perforated Hinged Lid

This Dart 205HT1 white foam take out container with a perforated hinged lid is ideal for any food establishment! Improve your business’s take out service or conveniently pack leftovers from your sit-down establishment with the help of this container. Use it as the perfect container for smaller leftover entrees or salad. Purchase with confidence knowing these containers are all CFC free, meaning that they were not produced with Chlorofluorocarbon chemicals that could harm the ozone layer.

  • Perforated Hinge

It features a perforated hinge, which allows you to easily remove the lid for a less cluttered dining experience.

  • Secure Closure Tabs

Thanks to its secure closure tabs, the single compartment hinged lid take out container protects against accidental openings and spills.

  • Insulated and Safe

The clamshell container is insulated to maintain food’s proper serving temperature, ensuring customer satisfaction as well as food safety, and the foam material makes it a cost-efficient option over other materials.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:6 3/8 Inches
  • Length:9 1/4 Inches
  • Height:3 Inches
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