Empress Clear Deli Container 32 oz.

Keep food fresh in your kitchen and securely stored for customer take-out with Empress Dei Containers. Made from polypropylene, this line of clear round deli tubs are microwave-safe, durable and shatterproof. A matching lid seals in hot or cold foods, keeping items fresh for longer. At your restaurant, catering business, or take-out counter, these containers are convenient for food storage and transportation.

Use lid: EDLIDA

Brand: Empress
Color: Clear
Material: Polypropylene
Capacity: 2 Pounds
Recommended Uses For Product: Fresh

About this item
Made from polypropylene
Clear container makes contents easily visible
10 packs, 500 per case
Easily stackable

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Empress Polypropylene Deli Container Keep Food Fresh In Your Kitchen And Securely Stored For Customer Take-Out With Empress Dei Containers. Made From Polypropylene, This Line Of Clear Round Deli Tubs Are Microwave-Safe, Durable And Shatterproof. A Matching Lid Seals In Hot Or Cold Foods, Keeping Items Fresh For Longer. At Your Restaurant, Catering Business, Or Take-Out Counter, These Containers Are Convenient For Food Storage And Transportation.

Additional information

Weight 22.22 lbs
Dimensions 23.23 × 9.45 × 25.59 in