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There is no one flooring that is easier to maintain than others. All floor types have good and bad to them. Carpet, tile, wood, and vinyl are all beautiful in their own ways. Although they all require different kinds of cleaning methods and materials. Thankfully, most are rather simple to clean! One thing that all floor types have in common is that they all require maintenance from time to time. The longer you wait to clean your floors, the more time and effort it will take to rid your flooring of dirt and other pollutants. We take a look at how to go about cleaning the different floor types!


Hardwood floors are definitely not the easiest to clean, but by keeping up with them, you can expect to come home to polished and shiny floors! One of the first and most important things to know is that water will dull the material and can lead to water stains or steaks. Always avoid using water when it comes to hardwood. The trick is to vacuum the floor and apply a liquid floor cleaner by using a dry wax applicator. This method can help keep your floors looking flawless for a rather long time before having to clean them again.


Although a steam cleaner is good to use from time to time, you don’t need to use one every time you’re going to clean your carpets. The first step is to vacuum the entire area you wish to remove dirt and dust. If you want to get rid of stains, you will need a bucket of warm water, some baking soda, and a brush for carpet and/or upholstery. Apply the baking soda and scrub the area with a damp brush. You can rinse the brush in the bucket of water and proceed until the stain is gone.


Non-polished marble is very porous, so it can easily absorb any kind of dirt or dust that makes its way into your home. If you’ve had a hard time cleaning marble floors, you will want to utilize water and an all-purpose cleaner. Once you have these materials, you can mop the floors accordingly. After mopping and allowing your floors to dry, it is recommended that you apply a sealer to trap the pores of the marble, ultimately preventing dirt and duster from entering. If you would prefer different materials when mopping, you could also use fabric softener, water, and self-polishing liquid wax.


If you have ceramic floors in your home, then you’re in luck. Both ceramic and porcelain floors are some of the easiest to clean. If anything has spilled on your floors, all you have to do is wipe it with a wet mop, a towelette, or even a paper towel! That speaks for any time you may need to clear your entire flooring. You can sweep your floors to pick up dirt and dust and go over your floors with an all-purpose cleaner and a mop. One does need to be aware of the grout lines between the tiles as they can collect dirt and grime more easily.


Similar to ceramic, vinyl floors are rather easy to maintain and clean and take little time to do so. When you do decide to give your floors a wash, it is best that you use a neutral floor cleaner and not an abrasive one to make sure that you do not spoil the material. If you find streaks after mopping the floors, you should try again by using a solution made out of white vinegar and water. Vinegar is best when it comes to avoiding streaks and water stains. It is advised not to pour the solution directly over the tile but to lightly drag a rung mop over them.


Linoleum floors require a deep cleaning at least twice a year to embed the surface with a solution to prevent dirt from hanging around. But the occasional cleaning is different. You will want to use a broom or vacuum to remove dirt or debris, and then you can proceed to mop. It is best to use a solution with hot water and one cup of vinegar, and you can also add a couple of drops of dish soap for extra shine. You can then apply the solution to the surface with a damp mop. Allow your floors to dry for ample time before using.

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