Boardwalk Antibacterial Liquid Soap, Clean Scent, Gallon

Boardwalk Antibacterial Liquid Soap Clean Scent

When you’re concerned about germs and illnesses, you can rely on Boardwalk Antibacterial Soap. The thick, antiseptic hand soap effectively removes harmful bacteria and is effective against illness-causing germs. The formula is enhanced with emollients for softer, smoother hands, even with frequent handwashing. Contains no Triclosan. Great for medical facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants.

  • Gentle formula is mild on skin, even with frequent handwashing.
  • For use in medical facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants.
  • Effective against common illness-causing germs.
  • Contains no Triclosan.
  • Easily dispensed in positive pressure dispensers.
  •  Antibacterial Liquid Soap
  • Clean Scent
  • 1 Gallon Bottle


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