Biohazard Red Liners, 33×40, High Density, 30-33gal 0.55Mil, 250/Case

Biohazard  Liners, 33×40, High Density, 30-33gal 0.55Mil, Red, 250/Case

About this product

Healthcare High Density Bags are excellent for internal facility use with the correct gauge, color and size to meet any need.

Heritage Healthcare Bags and Liners using High Density Resin are made to provide the lifting strength needed in the healthcare environment. These trash bags have a star-sealed bottom which help to prevent leaks and allows you to transport refuse with out fear of accidents. These bags are brightly colored so they are easily identified and are printed on the bag itself which make them excellent for internal facility use. These Healthcare bags also come in a convenient dual dispensing box and are packed in one-at-a-time dispensing flat pack style.

  • This 33×40 bag is a good fit for 30-33 Gallon trash cans
  • Red coloring to identify healthcare bags
  • 250 bags per case
  • 14 Mic-.055 Mil  Regular strength trash bags are excellent for general purpose use
  • Flat Pack Offers One-At-A-Time Dispensing
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