Baron Illusion 2000 Floor Finish

Baron Illusion 2000 Floor Finish, Gallon

A durable floor finish designed for low maintenance programs where buffing time is limited. A good initial lay down shine with a strong resistance to scuff and scratch marks. If a stronger gloss is desirable, Illusion 2000 can be high speed burnished using a 2,000 rpm machine. Developed for use by schools and contractors. UL certified for slip resistance.

Illusion 2000 is designed to act as a sealer-finish for most porous and non-porous flooring to improve

Illusion 2000  is fortified with metallic/acrylic polymer, combined with a creative balance of thermo plastic resins,
poly waxes, and leveling agents. This finish has a spectacular gloss after an initial application of three coats and wet gloss
look is obtained by high speed buffing.

• Good initial lay down shine
• Black marks are easier to remove
• Minimum loss of gloss due to traffic scuffing
• Easy to apply
• Excellent recoating properties
• Exceptional resistance to powdering
• UL classified for slip resistance

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1 Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail