Baron Cherry Tree Cleaner/Degreaser

CHERRY TREE CLEANER – DEGREASER is a concentrated degreaser for industrial, maintenance, kitchen and miscellaneous use. It is a blend of water-soluble solvents, surface-active detergents, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors, and alkaline builders. Its concentrated powerful ingredients will clean everything from painted surfaces to greasy metal
parts. Used at full strength for a light oil parts dip, to 60-1 dilution for cleaning mini-blinds, light fixtures, painted woodwork, and many other light duty jobs.

CHERRY TREE CLEANER – DEGREASER is designed to be fast acting with maximum safety to the cleaning surface and to the user when used in recommended dilutions.

    • No flash point
    • Chemically dissolves oil and grease
    • Contains rust inhibitors
    • Use in cold or hot water; hard or soft
    • Versatile
    • Apply with sprayers, pressure washers, by brush, rag, and in steam cleaners
    • Concentrated, cuts costs
    • Removes soap scum
    • Cuts through grease, grime, oil, dye, wax, rust, exhaust smoke, scum and dirt

RECOMMENDED USES: CHERRY TREE CLEANER – DEGREASER is recommended for use in schools, restaurants, machine shops, industrial plants, food processing plants, meat packing plants, hotels, motels, automotive, truck and bus maintenance shops. It will clean concrete floors, walls, vents, hoods, ovens, grills, chrome, stainless steel, painted
woodwork, fiberglass, Venetian blinds, light fixtures, machinery, equipment, white wall tires, and food processing equipment. Use it as a light duty parts dip, steam cleaner, and a pressure washer cleaner

Cherry Tree Degreaser TS

BARON Cherry Tree Degreaser_ SDS 

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1 Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum