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Now, more than ever before, cleanliness is a necessity. Whether you’re working from home for the first time or you’re still going into the office, it’s necessary to make sure your workspace is clean and free from germs. A productive and comfortable office space is one that is capable of maintaining organization and tidiness. Imagine working in a facility where piles of paper are stacking up, dust is accumulating, and debris can be found in any corner? Even worse, imagine having guests or business partners visit your facility and see it in a dirty, unmanageable state. The chances of business partners or employees wanting to work with you in the future are unlikely if cleanliness isn’t present. This goes to show how important keeping your workspace clean and tidy is for the sake of your company. Employees are just as accountable as business owners for maintaining a clean and organized workplace. With these tips, you can spice up your office cleaning chores and activities.

Mention Cleaning Duties in Regular Meetings

Business owners know how vital it is to host regular staff meetings. These meetings are the perfect opportunity for you to emphasize and make cleaning duties clear and concrete. It’s as simple as wiping down the kitchen sink after being used and restocking bathroom amenities that are the key to a spotless office. Even during web meetings, remind your employees of the importance of maintaining a clean workstation. They may be working from home, but it’s still necessary to keep every space clean!

Make Some Time for Your Carpets to Be Cleaned 

Most offices have carpet flooring throughout their workspace. Throughout one workday, employees are coming in and out with food, drinks, debris from the outdoors, and a range of office items. With this in mind, spills and mishaps are bound to make an appearance on your carpet. We’re humans, we can be a bit clumsy here and there, but what matters is how we approach our mistakes. If your carpet is beginning to look dirty and ridden with stains, it would be in your best interest to utilize a carpet cleaner that can treat your flooring to the deep clean it deserves.

Tie Cleanliness to Safety

There are a couple of effective ways of relating cleanliness to general safety. Perhaps, the best way to do so is by mentioning hygiene. Keeping common areas clean, especially where food or beverages are typically consumed, can help control the spread of germs and sicknesses. To extend this point, keeping clutter at bay can help ensure that there aren’t any obstructions that interfere with the location of fire extinguishers or other safety equipment.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in Stock and at Hand

By not having enough supplies readily available, you hinder your employees’ motivation to clean. Facilitate their efforts, however latent, by stocking up on useful cleaning items. For example, if you regularly stock the bathroom with cleaning supplies, they’ll be available when people need them and they can do their entire team a favor by restocking if the need arises. Keeping a large stock of supplies can also act as a reminder that every staff member needs to tidy up after themselves or whenever they come across a mess.

Distribute Cleaning Responsibilities

It should not be the responsibility of one employee, the business owner, or only a handful of employees to do all of the cleaning, all the time. It could be helpful to assign certain days of the week or month, depending on the number of employees, to certain individuals or groups. For example, you could assign kitchen duty to a different employee every week, and throughout the allotted time they would be responsible for wiping down, disinfecting, organizing snacks, and cleaning dishes. You could also assign certain common areas to certain people or departments.

Incorporate Furniture for Organization

Some of the smallest office tools are responsible for helping us organize our days, tasks, and desk items. Office space can only be so comfortable if accomodating furniture is minimal. It would be best to invest in new office furniture that way the possibility for messiness and clutter can be diminished. You can purchase small, personal trash bins, filers, desk bins, supply cups, and other organizers to keep all office material in their designated places.

Baron Chemical: Your Go-To Cleaning Supplier 

You can’t reap the benefits of a clean office without the right cleaning supplies. Baron Chemical carries floor cleaners, degreasers, stain removers, and a wide range of cleaning solutions to help you maintain a pristine facility. Contact us today or email us at to learn more about how our cleaning chemical and equipment can help your office space stay intact.