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Hey there El Paso, can you feel the heat? Summer is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to get your grill on! Whether you’re looking to throw a relaxed hangout with your buddies or a huge family carne asada, you’ll need to make sure your backyard and kitchen are prepped for the ultimate grilling and cook out experience. Lucky for you, we’re dishing out some must-know tips to make sure your summer cookouts are sizzling and unforgettable!


Upgrade Your Outdoor Cooking Area:

A well-equipped outdoor kitchen or grilling station is essential for seamless cooking!

Consider the following tips to level up your outdoor cooking experience:

  1.   Clean and Inspect: Clean your grill thoroughly, removing any leftover food residue. Check for gas leaks and ensure all burners are functioning properly. If needed, replace worn-out grill grates and utensils.
  2.   Prep Your Tools: Gather essential grilling tools like tongs, spatulas, brushes, and skewers. Keep them organized and easily accessible. Additionally, stock up on charcoal, wood chips, or propane, depending on your preferred grilling method.
  3.   Create Storage Solutions: Install cabinets, shelves, or a cart near your grilling area to keep all cooking essentials within reach. Store spices, condiments, and non-perishable items for easy access during cookouts.
  4.   Build a Prep Station: Consider setting up a designated space for prepping ingredients near your grill. Have a cutting board, knives, and bowls handy to streamline the cooking process.

Now that your backyard is ready, it’s time to plan a delicious menu and ensure your kitchen is well-prepared.

Here’s what you need to do:

  •  Choose Crowd-Pleasing Recipes: Select a variety of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Grilled meats, vegetables, fresh salads, and fruity desserts are popular choices. Don’t forget refreshing beverages!
  • Check Your Grill Supplies: Make sure you have enough charcoal, propane, or wood chips for the entire cookout. Stock up on aluminum foil, grilling sheets, and any other specialized tools you might need for your chosen recipes.
  • Prep Ahead: Prepare marinades, sauces, and salad dressings in advance. Marinate meats overnight, chop vegetables, and pre-assemble salads to minimize prep time on the day of the cookout.
  •  Organize Your Kitchen: Arrange your indoor kitchen to accommodate the additional cooking and food storage needs. Ensure you have enough refrigerator space for perishables and designate an area for storing platters, utensils, and serving dishes.

By prepping your backyard and kitchen ahead of time, you can ensure a great summer without leaving your home!