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Keeping a home clean is not easy. When you have a million other responsibilities to take care of, you barely have any time left over to take care of chores. It may seem like the simple task of cleaning takes up a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to! By doing a few simple yet effective cleaning tips every day, you’ll never have to worry about coming to a mess that’s just too big for you to take care of. The more you implement these small but effective tasks to keep your home kept, the more control you’ll have over your home’s cleanliness. We discuss the best tips you can do on a daily basis.

Make the Bed the Minute You Get Up

When you come home from work, you want to see a nice and well-kept bed. It can be a drag to not only come home to an unmade bed but also to have to make the bed when all you want to do is rest. With that being said, you can get this done first thing in the morning; that way, you don’t have to worry about it later on. Even if it means waking up five minutes earlier than you usually do, get it done and over with!

Give the Dishes a Quick Rinse

Letting the dishes pile up can turn into a load of work later on. The best thing you can do is rinse your dishes immediately and stick them in the dishwasher if that’s your main method of dishwashing. If you wash your dishes by hand, it would be good to start washing them as soon as you finish using them to avoid a large load later on.

Wipe Down Surfaces After Every Use

Messes—big or small—will happen. That’s normal, so don’t beat yourself up over it! It would make a good habit to start wiping down sinks right after you use them. Water and soap are prone to get all over the sink when washing, but by giving it a quick wipe down after every use, you don’t have to do a deep clean days later.

Clean Off Any Little Bit of Dust

Any dust you may find, even if it’s barely anything, take the time to wipe it off. It can be harder to clean dust as it piles up because it’s very fine, so it can make an even bigger mess. Needless to say, dust can attract mites and other bugs, and who wants that? No one does, so why let it become a bigger mess than it has to be? With a quick wipe, you can keep the dust to a minimum throughout each day.

Tend to a Stain as Soon as Possible

The minute you find a spot or stain on your upholstery, you should tend to it right away. Stains become harder to clean and manage the longer they stay in the upholstery. Usually, warm water, vinegar, and baking soda do the trick! You can also use a soft-bristle scrubber to apply the solution, and you should be good to go!

Keep Your Shoes at The Door

It doesn’t matter if you have carpet or tile flooring; when you walk into your home with your shoes on, you bring in so many germs and so much dirt. This can create a bigger mess the longer you wait, and the more you walk in with your shoes. Leaving your shoes at the front door can prevent so much cleaning, whether it’s mopping, vacuuming, or both!

Create a Place for Everything

It’s easy to throw the keys or purse around once you get home from work, but it isn’t so easy when you’re rushing in the morning and can’t remember where you left them. Having a mess or having your personal items in an undesignated area can create problems, especially when it’s most inconvenient for you.

Separate Clothes Accordingly

One of the best ways of keeping the home clean is by having your family help, especially with the laundry! To keep the folding to a minimum, you could separate the clothes for each of your family members and have them take care of folding their own set.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Where They Belong

When you’re done cleaning, you just want to rest and not have to worry about anything else. We get that, and while that’s understandable, taking an extra couple of minutes to put everything away, including the cleaning supplies, won’t hurt.

Take Your Cleaning Goals to the Next Level with Baron Chemical

You can’t keep a house clean without the right cleaning products. Here at Baron Chemical, we have all of the cleaning supplies you need to achieve your cleanliness goals! Contact us today to learn more about what we have in store.