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It seems like just yesterday was the first day of 2022. Now, we’re almost mid-way through February, and before you know it, the spring season will finally be here! Along with the new season comes spring cleaning. While we’re still a month away before we ring the new season in, it can take days (even weeks) to complete all your spring cleaning tasks, so there is nothing better to do than to plan ahead and start as early as possible. We discuss the best spring cleaning tips that can help you keep any home or workplace clean!

1) Make a Schedule

When you have a whole house or office to clean, it can seem very overwhelming. You might find yourself asking, “where do I even start?”. There is no need to worry because, just like anything else, your spring cleaning tasks can be done little by little! You can separate tasks by room or by the products you are using. Once you have established how tasks will be done, you can assign yourself cleaning tasks on a daily basis; that way, you don’t exhaust yourself by trying to get everything done in one day.

2) Start from the Top, Work Your Way Down

It is always best to start from the top and work your way down. Although the old saying is usually recited the other way around, when it comes to cleaning, you always want to start from the top. For example, if you are going to steam clean your carpet, you will want to dust everything you possibly can that way, it can be cleaned from your carpets. When you dust your fans or furniture, some of the debris lands on the floor. Afterward, you can have your floors cleaned to pick up any remaining dirt or debris.

3) Don’t Forget to Clean the Walls and Windows

Walls and windows are too often overlooked. This may be because walls and windows seem to be the least of anyone’s worries when it comes to cleaning, but you’d be surprised! Kitchens and bathrooms tend to require wall and window cleaning the most. In kitchens, residue easily builds. In bathrooms, moisture can build up and make a mess on walls. When you are cleaning any room in your home or workplace, try to look out for any visible dirt or residue on walls and windows and make time to clean them while you can.  

4) Check Each Room Off Once They’re Cleaned

Finishing one room takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders. Can you imagine the feeling when you have cleaned your entire home? Just like making a schedule, you can make a checklist to help you stay on track with what needs to be cleaned. Right after you finish cleaning an entire room, you can check it off and be able to comfortably move on to your next task. With so much cleaning to take care of, it can be difficult to remember what needs cleaning and what doesn’t. Even something as simple as a checklist can help with a big cleaning project.

5) Set a New Tone

Cleaning your home or office can make a world of difference, so while you’re at it, you could add small changes to help make the space light, fresh, and new. You implement simple changes such as adding new pillows or wall accents. You could replace old bedding with new, soft sheets. To bring more light into a space, you could consider lighter-colored curtains or remove them entirely if you like the open space. Setting a new tone and atmosphere can help ring in the spring and warmer weather ahead.

6) Establish New Cleaning Habits

Spring cleaning can be the perfect learning experience. You can take advantage of this time to learn new cleaning tricks, utilize more cleaning supplies, and so much more. From this year’s spring cleaning on, make it a point to practice new cleaning habits because, ultimately, it benefits you and your living or working space in the end! You can also have your family help by getting them in on your cleaning habits and having them practice them for future cleaning tasks.

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