Floor Cleaning Supplies for Homes and Businesses in El Paso

Keeping carpets and rugs clean is tedious work, requiring dedication and lots of time set aside. Carpets in your home or workspace automatically attract grime, dust, or outdoor residue. To make matters worse, stains may be inevitable. Thankfully, Baron Chemical carries a wide supply of floor cleaning supplies and chemicals that make your carpet feel and look as good as new!

  • Commercial floor machines
  • Commercial lightweight vacuums
  • Floor Gloss
  • Floor Finish
  • Floor Stripper
  • Floor Restorer
  • Floor Foam Cleaner for Waxed Floors
  • Floor Enzyme Cleaner
  • Floor Bio-Active Cleaner
  • Floor Concrete Cleaner
  • Oil-Based Floor Sweep
  • Mop Treatment and Floor Oil
  • Carpet deodorizers
  • Carpet bonnets
  • Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo
  • Pet odor removal
  • Spot and stain removers
  • Pre-sprays
  • Buffing, Stripping, Polishing, Scrubbing, Burnishing and Boost Pads
  • Mops, handles, dust mops, and frames
  • Brushes, squeegees, brooms, and dustpans

    Keep Carpets Clean Without Breaking the Bank | Generic vs Name-Brand Floor Cleaning Supplies

    Many customers may find themselves concerned with the basic functions of carpet cleaning detergents and equipment. Despite the fact that some name-brands are seen as the highest quality of carpet cleaning, Baron Chemical considers the cost and performance of generic brands to be just as effective. Generic carpet cleaners are instilled with the durability and reliability that can be found in name brands at lower costs. Baron Chemical believes in providing customers with options so that they can consider and choose floor cleaning supplies that will work in their favor.

    Next Day Delivery Available ($150 Purchase Minimum Required)

    If you find yourself in dire need of floor cleaning supplies, Baron Chemical can provide speedy, next-day delivery! Our next-day delivery services are offered at a $150 minimum purchase. Our delivery services can transport commercial cleaning vacuums to your commercial property if visiting our store is not fit for your schedule. Additionally, we offer commercial lightweight sanitary vacuums for businesses of all kinds.

    Baron Chemical | Carpet cleaning supplies and floor cleaners at home
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    Choose Baron Chemical to Help You Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Pure

    The floor cleaning supplies we carry are made to help our customers clean every inch of their facility including restrooms, offices, kitchen areas, desks, corridors, and flooring. More specifically, when it comes down to giving your rugs and carpets a deep clean, Baron Chemical has all the materials and equipment you need. Visit our store or reach out to us at (915) 533-1661 or info@baronchemical.com to take a look at our selection or give us a call!

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