Baron Chemical

Supplying All Kinds of Customers in El Paso and Las Cruces

What sets Baron Chemical apart from other cleaning suppliers is that we welcome homeowners, business owners, and janitorial companies, whether they work out of their homes or within a commercial facility. Some of our customers are looking for specific or concentrated cleaning solutions and this is where Baron Chemical comes into the picture. Whether you’re a start-up business or have been working with a company for years on end, Baron Chemical is your best choice when it comes to ensuring that your facility maintains tidiness and a healthy work environment.

Proud to Be a Local Wholesale Provider

Baron Chemical is honored to be a local cleaning supplier because this allows us to familiarize ourselves more with our customers. Additionally, we get to build a professional relationship with our customers and whenever they have questions regarding cleaning chemicals or equipment, we can always provide them with an answer. Baron Chemical does not intend on going anywhere, serving the El Paso and Las Cruces areas is our pleasure.

Why Working with An Ethical Team is Important

Baron Chemical is not only professional but we also have a code of ethics that we work to live up to while simultaneously providing cleaning products to our customers. We set our products at cost-friendly rates in order to help our customers as much as possible. Reinvesting in our community and treating each of our customers like family is essential at Baron Chemical.

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Get Started with El Paso’s #1 Cleaning Supplier, Today!

You don’t have to think twice when considering Baron Chemical to be your supplier. Our employees embrace each and every business and commercial and residential customer. We encourage that you visit our store today to get a better feel for the large supply of cleaning products we have and to get to know our team!

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