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A person in a green apron and yellow cleaning gloves holding a clear bin full of colorful janitorial supplies in El Paso.

6 Essential Janitorial Supplies for Your Business

You can only have a successful business with the right cleaning tools and equipment. You want to maintain a clean and safe environment not only for your customers but also for you and your staff, considering you are working there day in and day out! Various janitorial supplies and cleaning products can boost and encourage

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Paper cups, bags, and various other restaurant disposables in El Paso

The Best Restaurant Supplies, Disposables, & To-Go Containers Every El Paso Restaurant Needs

If you hope to run a successful El Paso restaurant with maximum efficiency, restaurant disposables play an integral role. Restaurant disposables are disposable cups, plates, bowls, containers, and cutlery that are often utilized at restaurants.  However, the problem with restaurant disposables is that there are many options to choose from. And, if you’re not careful,

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An office employee using cleaning products to wipe down the work desk before clocking out for the day.

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your El Paso Home or Business Clean

As a home or business owner, you have several responsibilities. Of those many responsibilities, keeping your home or business clean should be at the top of your to-do list. Implementing daily cleaning habits makes tasks much easier for you, keeping business and home duties operating as smoothly as possible.   Baron Janitorial and Restaurant Supplies is

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Toxic Cleaning Chemicals To Avoid In Cleaning Products

Most households do not consider the toxic cleaning chemicals they are using on a daily basis. Most of us are guilty of assuming these cleaning solutions are safe simply because they get the job done. While many of these household cleaners perform well in your home, they can have several harmful effects on one’s health.

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bottles demonstrating eco-friendly materials

How To Create More Eco-Friendly Cleaning In the Workplace

Now more than ever, people worldwide are being encouraged to take more eco-friendly actions. This means business owners are also urged to create more sustainable and green workplaces. There are many ways you can maintain eco-friendly cleaning habits while on the job. You can make a real change by practicing a few of these environmentally-friendly

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spring cleaning graphic

6 Helpful Tips to Get A Head Start on Spring Cleaning  

It seems like just yesterday was the first day of 2022. Now, we’re almost mid-way through February and before you know it, the spring season will finally be here! Along with the new season comes spring cleaning. While we’re still a month away before we ring the new season in, it can take days (even

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Waitress cleaning tables with disinfectant and wearing protective face mask in a cafe.

The Best Cleaning Chemicals for Businesses and Restaurants

Now, more than ever before, there is a growing focus on hygiene and sanitization within the hospitality sector. Busy restaurants and businesses with high traffic require only the best cleaning chemicals. But exactly which chemicals are the best? With so many brands and products to choose from, the task can seem daunting. In this article,

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Allergy-Proof Your Home with these 9 Easy Steps!

The changing of the seasons tends to bring pesky allergens. In fact, El Pasoans are starting to experience allergy season a bit earlier this year considering the amount of rain we’ve been receiving lately. These allergens can make their way into homes, leaving resulting in symptoms ranging from itchy eyes or throat and runny noses

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