Don’t Be Bummed Out by Retail Prices

Come to Baron Chemical, the toilet paper supplier in El Paso, Texas

Save money on toilet paper with Baron Chemical and you’ll be on a roll with your finances. We are a leading toilet paper supplier based out of El Paso, Texas, providing toilet paper and other paper products for homes and businesses in the area. We offer a number of options for residential and commercial customers in need of a cost-effective toilet paper solution.

For commercial clients, we offer 9” rolls in bulk to take care of all your employees and guests. For homeowners, we offer a number of bulk ordering options for your family. Whether you have a family of four or a business of 50, you’ll rest easy knowing you have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t flush your hard-earned money down the toilet

Baron Chemical makes it easy to get the top-quality paper products you need in a quick and convenient manner. When you choose our toilet paper supplier in El Paso, Texas, you’ll be able to benefit from our:

  • Free delivery to our commercial accounts
  • Free delivery (for orders $75+) for residential customers
  • Various bulk ordering options available for your budget

Don’t settle for the low-quality, assembly line products from Walmart or Target. Get durable paper products from Baron Chemical today and save yourself the money and the headache. To order from Baron Chemical, please reach out today at 915-533-1661.

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