Your Convenient Source for Chemical Cleaning Products!

Everything from pesticides to wood polish in El Paso, TX

Are you tired of going to the local department store for your chemical cleaning products? With their high prices and low product availability, it’s hard to effectively shop at a place that doesn’t match your cleaning needs.

Come to Baron Chemical and you’ll find the right products and the right prices. We are a chemical cleaning product supplier based in El Paso, Texas, selling a number of supplies in bulk for our customers. Contact us for any of the following products:

  • Oven and grill cleaner
  • Urine odor control products
  • Various degreasers
  • Graffiti removal products
  • Pesticides
  • Wood polish
  • Floor cleaners

All of our products work for both commercial and residential use.

You will notice the difference in quality

At Baron Chemical, we only stock and sell the best supplies on the market. Our oven and grill cleaners will wipe away grease and food from stainless steel appliances that are normally hard to clean. We carry different degreasers that can provide an exceptional clean for mechanics and cooks alike.

You’ll notice the difference in quality when you choose our products over the competition. Get in touch with Baron Chemical today for pesticides, grill cleaners and more in El Paso, Texas!